What You Need To Know About Major Issues For Online Fashion

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Colleen Wong and child Buy local produce Once you've planned your meal, you could order the ingredients from independent retailers using a locally focused app such as Epicery. It launched a one-hour delivery service in Paris last year. Deliveries cost from 2.90 (2.46) up to 6.90 (5.89) if you order produce from three or more of its 250 members, which include local butchers, fishmongers and off-licences. Image copyright Epicery Image caption French local food delivery app Epicery plans to expand throughout Europe "Our aim is to expand into several other French and European cities soon," says Doriane Raffin at Epicery. Freecycle unwanted food Then if you have food left over, why not "freecycle" it, rather than throw it away, using a UK-based app like Olio? It enables families and local business owners to redistribute food and other household items that would otherwise go to waste. The free app is a hit with Ms Wong, 40. "Food waste drives me mad, so I love Olio," she says. Choose your next holiday destination Free 360-degree virtual reality (VR) tours are the new way to plan your next holiday from your desk.

#03-08 Cineleisure Orchard. Daily noon-10pm. Sects Shop : For funky fresh streetwear Provided by Coconuts Media Limited Photo: Sects Shop/Facebook Its Facebook page screams URBAN PUNK GOTH ALT STREET WEAR and that basically describes Sects Shop in a nutshell. Enter the space brought to you by the guys behind local label Depression at your own risk, cause its unabashedly loud and proud of its collection that includes avant garde pieces (for thosewho love standing out in a crowd), funky streetwear by cult brands and witty tees that you should only wear if youre cool enough. #04-14 orchardgateway. Daily noon-10pm. Superspace : For bold (sometimes OTT) fashion Provided by Coconuts Media Limited Photo: Superspace/Facebook Oversized jackets, attention-grabbing accessories, flamboyant tees you know youre not a wallflower when you shop at the edgy (and occasionally a tad flashy) boutique and salon hybrid that is Superspace. Almost everything is hyped up to the maximum at the store, so much so that anything offbeat and eccentric becomes the norm. Basically, if your dream is to be chased down by street style photogs lusting after a picture of your sublime outfit, shop here.

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